Our Vision


Architecture is both an art and a science, poetry and pragmatics, space-making and community building—all while satisfying one of the most basic human needs: shelter.  It is the practice of crafting human interaction through form and space, while consciously contributing to the built environment in a way that both the individual and community can be proud of. 

In order to achieve this, we believe in designing buildings and dwellings that are site specific—in scale, materiality, and context—without stylistic or formal preconceptions. Buildings that are forward thinking technologically, but also informed by their place within a larger historical trajectory. 


In order to realize the goals of our philosophy, we utilize a vertically integrated approach that affords us the freedom to respond appropriately to each project’s unique set of challenges. 

 As developers, architects, and builders—we are able to execute our vision with a singular focus, unencumbered by competing incentives or misaligned goals. We take advantage of the efficiencies gained through our in-house collaborative effort—and seek to return it in the form of a higher quality product for both the inhabitants and the community at large.


The building industry has been notoriously lagging behind other market sectors in technological advancement—especially in relation to smaller scale developments. We call on our prior experience in large scale design and development, bringing the most innovative building technologies available and adapting them to the small scale multi-family sector. 

 One of these technologies is off-site fabrication and panelization of wall and floor assemblies in light gauge steel. Not only is this a superior building material compared to block or wood framing, it is much more precise and energy efficient—with almost zero waste. Utilizing this method of construction substantially expedites the building process while dramatically reducing the margin of error. 

 Our method harnesses efficiencies through a process-driven means of production, rather than finding efficiencies through formal repetition—which allows us to respond to site-specific conditions in each design without sacrificing or reconfiguring the means of off-site production. We call this “mass customization”. 

Our Services


As developers, our greatest contribution to the city is to be involved in how our neighborhoods grow and flourish. We consider ourselves stewards of the city and the people who live there, working to cultivate great communities through our contribution to the built environment.

We either collaborate with property owners who have a vision of how they would like to revitalize their existing site, or acquire land ourselves to be redeveloped and reimagined. In either case, we strive to add value to the project through creative solutions and efficient processes. Above all else, we are passionate about providing beautiful and functional living spaces for the people who will ultimately inhabit them.

Our multi-disciplinary team is able to analyze potential development sites from a variety of angles—whether in the form of creative solutions to satisfy zoning regulations, anticipating constructability and budgetary restraints, or maximizing view corridors while mitigating solar heat gain—we utilize our in-house expertise and collaborative approach to uncover solutions which maximize the underlying land value.


Wolf Partners is a full service, registered architecture firm – working through all phases from conceptual to construction administration. While most of our work is self-directed at providing urban infill multifamily properties, we’ve also designed other projects including single-family residential, office/retail, and unique facades and entrance canopies.

We use sketches, plans, diagrams, physical & digital modelling, renderings, & virtual reality software to communicate our architectural concepts to our clients & collaborators. Once our design intent is refined, we utilize Building Information Modeling [BIM] to refine details and virtually "build" the project in 4D computer space, anticipating issues and conflicts before they arise in the field—greatly reducing risk and project timelines. We then use that robust digital model to fabricate wall and floor panels in an off-site controlled environment, and sequentially deliver them on-site for erection.


We use a component based approach to design each building allowing them to be highly customized and configurable; each tailored to specific site conditions and client programming objectives.  Then our buildings are manufactured around a load bearing steel framing system which is strong, lightweight and durable.  The design and delivery process leverages building information modeling (BIM) software and automation in the manufacturing process to accelerate production timelines.  Our fully enclosed manufacturing facility provides complete control over the production quality and the building components are shipped to coordinate with onsite project milestones for just-in-time delivery.

Our platform is ideally suited for multiple unit residential and mixed use projects including; single family attached, multifamily apartment/mixed use, senior living, student housing and limited service hotels.

We work with real estate investors, developers, architects and contractors who are seeking innovative solutions to the design and delivery of quality buildings.


Wolf Partners is a fully licensed & bonded General Contractor. We utilize modern technologies in digital modelling & prefabrication to deliver an efficient construction process. Our prefabrication methodology enables tight control of budgets by eliminating waste and anticipating potential conflicts, while reducing project timelines, resulting in an extremely precise and efficient building .

As a hybrid Development/Architecture/Fabrication/Building firm, we seek to eliminate informational silos often found in traditional project delivery methods. We take care to thoughtfully employ the wealth of building & design information accrued during the design phases into the construction process. This design/build workflow allows fluidity between the design & construction process—creating a positive feedback loop. The lessons learned in the assembly of one project are incorporated into the design and fabrication of the next, always evolving and adapting to respond to building challenges.

Our Leadership

Adam c. wolf, AIA NCARB

Purdue University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Construction Graphics

Illinois Institute of Technology
Master of Architecture -Summa Cum Laude

Adam is a Co-Founder and Principal at Wolf Partners. Adam is a licensed architect, and directs all architectural and computational endeavors at the firm.

Prior to founding Wolf Partners, Adam was a designer at Solomon Cordwell Buenz in Chicago where he founded the “Algorithmic Studio”, an internal studio which leveraged computational strategies to solve complex geometries related to high-rise design problems. Adam also previously worked at Endrestudio, a hybrid architecture/engineering firm where he led the computational design effort on the "Dublin Link", a pedestrian bridge in Dublin, OH.

AR 98952


Penn State University
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

Josh Nicholson is Co-Founder and Principal at Wolf Partners.  His responsibilities include overseeing the acquisition, development and construction of our multifamily portfolio.
Prior to founding Wolf Partners, Josh was a development owner representative on several large scale projects throughout the United States.   His combined experience includes overseeing $1B in capital investment within the development and construction industries.  Josh began his career 20 years ago as a project superintendent for a regional commercial general contractor and is a licensed GC in Florida.

CGC 1523965


Florida State University
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Jason is the Chief Operations Officer at Wolf Partners, and is responsible for all things related to fabrication and manufacturing.

Prior to Wolf, Jason co-invented several building technologies and was the EVP for Deco-Flash which manufactured those products. Jason has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry with expertise in manufacturing, sales, and operations.