Wolf Fabrication Partners is the manufacturing arm of the Wolf Partners vertically integrated development model.

Operating in a brand new 22,000 SF Facility located just north of Tampa International Airport, Wolf Fabrication produces wall panels, floor joist and truss systems, and other building components using light gauge steel roll forming technology.

In order to produce consistently accurate wall panels and truss assemblies, Wolf Fabrication uses Building Information Modeling (BIM)technology to precisely layout all aspects of the structure digitally prior to manufacturing. This allows Wolf and our clients to jointly review the products and their installation procedures, and to perform any clash detection between the system or other trades ahead of construction eliminating costly project delays and other complications in the field. Other advanced technology methods are implemented in the manufacturing and assembly processes both throughout the factory and across our job sites to assure quality and accuracy in every one of our deliverables.

why light gauge steel

The construction industry has been hit hard in recent years with a vast decline in skilled labor, increasing material costs, and reduced product availability which all lead to a higher uncertainty and possibility of errors on your projects. The advancements in digitization and panelization technologies provide a level of control and advance forecasting that is not possible using traditional methods of construction. Prefabrication of building panels and components provide a total quality assurance over the structure of your buildings and dramatically increase the efficiency of the construction process throughout the build. The shell can be erected and dry-in completed in a fraction of the time with less workers required. Dimensions and offsets are exact with fenestration openings always square and level. Job site and worker safety is enhanced with more automated and controlled processes greatly mitigating project and human errors. Overall project costs and timelines are dramatically reduced while the construction curb appeal and the end product and customer quality is noticeably improved.

our process

We have taken panelization to the next level by prefabricating using precision roll formed light gauge steel produced with our custom Howick machines. Using light gauge steel (LGS) rolled by Howick for our components gives many additional benefits to our clients and their customers. Our studs and track members are fabricated to allow for full bearing interaction between them creating a system with superior structural properties and with no movable joints preventing noisy floors and framing connections. All service holes for MEPs and bolt holes for connections to other members and foundation are pre-punched in the proper locations assuring correct placement and connection details of all panels and components. All MEP trades are also afforded a more efficient installation process with no need for drilling holes or cutting away members making their work cleaner, safer, faster, and more accurate. The LGS building system is always straight and the designed prefabrication by Wolf guarantees that is will always be square and plumb. A perfect building shell will simplify the work by all following trades, provide a perfect framework for all other material installations (ie. drywall, cabinetry, etc.), and make QA and supervision far easier for your project management team.


Building with light gauge steel provides many benefits during design and planning, throughout the construction process, and over the entire life of the building that will improve project efficiency and give you and your customers more confidence in your final product. The consistency and precision of panelized LGS is unmatched from any other building system. LGS members are very light weight while also having an extremely high strength ratio giving the designer more flexibility and the contractor more options. A stronger and lighter weight building reduces foundation requirements, increases constructability, and improves the structures durability under potentially devastating high wind and seismic loads. Beyond the enhanced building process and performance that LGS allows, steel as a building material also brings many benefits, particularly here in Florida. Steel offers a higher fire resistance rating and is completely resistant to bugs, termites, mold and water damage. All our steel is also fully covered in a galvanized coating providing an added resistance to moisture and other effects exposure to the elements. Steel is also 100% recyclable making the building process sustainable and the materials environmentally friendly. With all these benefits, steel buildings can even afford both the contractor and the owner better insurance rates.

Wolf Fabrication Partners decided on light gauge steel as our primary building material for its many inherent benefits as well as for the customization and design flexibility that it provides. We are able to perform just as efficiently on single or multifamily homes as we are on apartments and mixed use buildings and our fabrication process remains consistent maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality. Every day our team is evaluating processes and materials to further develop building systems and to innovate and revolutionize the construction industry. The vertical integration of Wolf Partners allows our customers to partner with experts in all aspects of design, fabrication, and construction in one place. Our dynamic and synergistic structure eliminates informational silos allowing all customer questions and design or building concerns to be addressed ahead of construction preventing costly project delays.

Meet Wolf Fabrication Partners

Pictured (left to right): Partners Josh Nicholson, Dan Ochstein, Jason Holsopple, Sam Ochstein, and Adam Wolf. Bianca Lopez leads the marketing and social media efforts.

Adam c. wolf, AIA NCARB

Purdue University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Construction Graphics

Illinois Institute of Technology
Master of Architecture -Summa Cum Laude

Adam is a Co-Founder and Principal at Wolf Partners. Adam is a licensed architect, and directs all architectural and computational endeavors at the firm.

Prior to founding Wolf Partners, Adam was a designer at Solomon Cordwell Buenz in Chicago where he founded the “Algorithmic Studio”, an internal studio which leveraged computational strategies to solve complex geometries related to high-rise design problems. Adam also previously worked at Endrestudio, a hybrid architecture/engineering firm where he led the computational design effort on the "Dublin Link", a pedestrian bridge in Dublin, OH.

AR 98952

Joshua Nicholson

Penn State University
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

Josh Nicholson is Co-Founder and Principal at Wolf Partners.  His responsibilities include overseeing the acquisition, development and construction of our multifamily portfolio.

Prior to founding Wolf Partners, Josh was a development owner representative on several large scale projects throughout the United States.   His combined experience includes overseeing $1B in capital investment within the development and construction industries.  Josh began his career 20 years ago as a project superintendent for a regional commercial general contractor and is a licensed GC in Florida.

CGC 1523965


Florida State University
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Jason is the Chief Operations Officer at Wolf Partners, and is responsible for all things related to fabrication and manufacturing.

Prior to Wolf, Jason co-invented several building technologies and was the EVP for Deco-Flash which manufactured those products. Jason has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry with expertise in manufacturing, sales, and operations.


Indiana University
Bachelor of Science - Business

Washington University - St. Louis
Juris Doctor

Dan Ochstein has practiced law, been an investment banker, been involved in two window manufacturing firms both of which were developed and sold; been involved in multiple real estate development projects in residential, commercial and industrial; and mentored several start ups.


University of Tampa
MBA and MS Finance

Sam Ochstein has worked with his father, Dan, in most of the above ventures since earning his MBA and MS Finance. Sam has built a lot of relationships with a lot of influential people around the Tampa Bay area.