Jewish Federation "Chuppah" Canopy

An iconic sculptural canopy at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

Jewish Federation "Chuppah" Canopy

An iconic sculptural canopy at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

Jewish Federation "Chuppah" Canopy

An iconic sculptural canopy at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

Wolf Partners was tasked with

designing an iconic and sculptural canopy which punctuates the arrival to the soon-to-be renovated Jewish Federation campus.
The key design objectives were to

"reference Jewish Tradition through materiality and form"

while maintaining an open and welcoming entrance to the pre-function space beyond.

Wolf Partners drew inspiration

from the Jewish “Chuppah”, the canopy under which Jews are wed.

Traditional "Chuppah" Inspiration

The chuppah is traditionally situated outdoors, and it symbolizes a new home. The openness on four sides is a reference to hospitality towards one’s guests, and the canopy covering represents God’s presence and protection.

The Star of David is tessellated into a hexagram on the underside of the canopy, punctured with skylights and extruded to varying depths to create the catenary shape that a traditional cloth chuppah takes.

"I hope I have an opportunity to explain this gift to my grandchildren one day"
  • Mitchell Epstein, Jewish Federation member and donor who sponsored the Epstein Family "Chuppah" canopy.

Development Partners

DODO Investments, llc

Dan Ochstein
Deb Ochstein
Sam Ochstein

DODO was created by Dan Ochstein, Deb Ochstein, and Sam Ochstein to seek interesting investment opportunities in the Tampa market. To date, DODO has committed to over a hundred million dollars in real estate, start-up companies, and alternative investments. 

Dan Ochstein has practiced law, been an investment banker, been involved in 2 window manufacturing firms both of which were developed and sold; been involved in multiple real estate development projects in residential, commercial and industrial; and mentored several start ups. 

Sam Ochstein has worked with his father, Dan, in most of the above ventures since earning his MBA and MS Finance. Sam has built many relationships with some of the Tampa Bay area's most influential business leaders. 

Together, Sam and Dan bring a wide range of working talent to any team. 

DODO prides itself in acquiring and developing premier real estate opportunities in the mid-market $10-30 million range.

Bianca Lopez

Smith & Associates Real Estate

As a proud Tampa Native, Bianca has been immersed in Tampa culture her entire life, she is uniquely tapped into the pulse of our growing city. This—along with over 7 years of real estate experience— has positioned her to assist sellers and buyers on a local expert level. Bianca was fundamental in the beginning stages of Wolf Partners and DODO. She sold Wolf Partners first project 419 W Frances Ave and shortly after introduced Wolf Partners to Dan and Sam Ochstein with DODO Investments LLC. 

She has partnered with Wolf Partners and DODO Investments in all their land acquisitions and is the exclusive listing agent for all their projects. She is a luxury real estate agent at Smith & Associates Real Estate.

 Instagram: @iambiancalopez